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The Toronto Lords was formed in 1995 and from its humble beginnings as a house league once a week in downtown Toronto for young girls and boys, we have grown to become a highly respected Ontario Basketball Association program with over 100 student-athletes participating in many different levels every year.


The Toronto Lords Community Association’s primary goal is to enable young women and men in the urban core of Toronto an opportunity to do well in school. Through the

Lords tutoring and mentoring program we strive to ensure young athletes have them chance to graduate high school and apply to post-secondary school.


Through the Lords scholarship program we have managed to send an average of 4 graduates on to post-secondary institutions per year with an average scholarship of over $2000.


Each member should be provided the opportunity to participate at minimal cost;

Each member deserves the opportunity to develop to her full potential;

Education and athletics are emphasized together to ensure success;

Conditioning and skills development are critical components to our sport program;

Discipline, challenge, commitment and team-work are important character traits to be instilled;

Education and athletics should be available to anyone, no matter their financial situation;

Participation in sports should be fun and each player needs the opportunity to develop confidence, skill and friendship;

Players should be continuously challenged to improve both individually and as a team;

Every student athlete has access to free tutoring and mentoring programs.

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4 Joseph Salsberg Lane, Toronto ON M6J 3W8

Phone (416) 598-4448



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