Junior Women Capture Gold at Provincials: A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story

Our OBA weekend in Waterloo literally began with Cinderella. A player, who shall remain nameless, showed up for our first game at 9pm on Friday with one shoe. The other, not in the car, not back at the hotel, but back in Toronto! Within minutes, a quick thinking parent was out the door and found a second-hand shop, just closing, and came back with perfect-fitting, funky kicks (see picture) and on we went to win game one. Thankfully there was some commuting and Saturday’s games were played with all the proper equipment and a lot of determination to win this final tournament ever.

We should note that our full team was compromised of only seven players. Miraculously – no injuries. Thankfully – the core group who have played together for years. On we went to win both games on Saturday and set to play for gold on Sunday.

Our win on Sunday was monumental and emotional. Exhausted and only seven strong we played and won our final game ever against Pelham, a team whose long-time coach was coaching his last game ever. Unfortunately someone has to lose. This time it wasn’t us and first-time head coach David Browne has his first OBA gold.


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