OBA and AAU Teams

Toronto Lords runs boys and girls Ontario Basketball Association and Summer AAU teams for ages 8-19. The rep OBA and AAU program is designed for those athletes who want an extra push beyond houseleague or training, and are willing to make the time commitment to improve. Our tryouts begin every year in September, and the travel teams play between 20 and 40 games a year. Our programs are the least expensive of any program in Ontario, and all our tryouts are free so we encourage anyone interested to come down and check it out.

How to Join a Team?

Contact by Email or Phone:

Phone (416) 598-4448


Tryouts for 2018 begin 0n September 15th, 2018.

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    1. For what age group are you asking about? Tryouts all start the 15th of September, info will be posted on the website with locations and times!

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