Toronto Lords Fundraising Policy – Door to Door Campaign is Not Us

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that several people not involved in our program have been using our name to go door-to-door collecting money. These individuals are not associated with our program, and we do no door-to-door fundraising for tournaments or activities. Please do not give these individuals any money, and if you can please find out their names or send a description of the people to it would be greatly appreciated. As well, feel free to notify the police if this happens to you, as we value our name and work in the community greatly and it upsets us that individuals are using our good name to run a fraudulent fundraising campaign.

2 thoughts on “Toronto Lords Fundraising Policy – Door to Door Campaign is Not Us”

  1. Some young men came to my house this evening sell household products and asking for donations.

    Can I assume this is not from your club.

    Baby Point Rd

    1. Yes, they would not be from us. If you could give me a description it would help in us figuring out who they were so they can be dealt with properly.

      Bob Clarke

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