Toronto Lords Hall of Fame

Toronto Lords Scholarship WinnersOne of the priorities of the Toronto Lords is to tie in Academic and Athletic excellence.  As part of this initiative, we have established a charitable arm to our program where graduating players receive scholarships towards post-secondary education.

Year Name Post-Secondary School
2004 Alice Tseng University Of Toronto
2004 Mariko Nguyen Ryerson University
2005 Lisa Chu McMaster University
2005 Morgan Teeple-Hopkins McGill University
2005 Adrick Brock McGill University
2005 Danielle Williams Ryerson University
2006 Sara King-Dowling McMaster University
2006 Jessica Lanois York University
2006 Katy Tseng York University
2007 Isha Renner University Of Windsor
2008 Jordana Brathwaite Humber College
2008 Grace Mahary University Of Toronto
2008 Carli Yim Ryerson University
2009 Tina Teng Fanshawe College
2009 Claire Arrowsmith St. Lawrence University
2009 Jordana Brathwaite Humber College
2009 Tina Teng Fanshawe College
2010 Jordana Brathwaite Humber College
2010 Tina Teng Fanshawe College
2010 Aria Charles George Brown College
2011 Vyvy Hoang Ryerson University
2011 Sophia Marin University of Guelph
2011 Alanah Piccattoli-Ross Seneca College
2012 Tameka Berry Humber College
2012 Jimmy Truong York University
2012 Carmen Lee York University
2013 Rebecca Lee University Of Toronto
2013 Carmen Lee York University
2013 Vyvy Hoang Seneca College
2013 Hannah Lawrence Dalhousie University
2014 Rebecca Lee University Of Toronto
2014 Carmen Lee York University
2014 Vyvy Hoang Ryerson University
2014 Meghan Forestell Laurentian University
2014 Chiderah Ifearulundu Windsor University
2014 Leticia Lopez Loyalist College
2014 Revee Schultz Memorial University
2014 Rashida Brown York University
2015 Rashida Brown York University
2015 Rebecca Lee University Of Toronto
2015 Lucy O’Connor Ryerson University
2015 Alcian Satchel Seneca College
2015 Cori Browne Loyalist College
2015 Emily Balkissoon Brock University
2015 Jeylinh Bui Algonquin College
2015 Megan Miller Humber College
2015 Emilia Ho Ryerson University
2015 Chidera Obiahuba Algonquin College
2015 Anna-Kay Hyatt University of Guelph-Humber
2016 Djanette Benemerito Windsor University
2016 Emilia Ho Ryerson University
2016 Imani Abukar Seneca College
2016 Emily Balkissoon Brock University
2016 Jeylinh Bui Algonquin College
2017 Taylor More Wilfrid Laurier
2017 Miles Obille York University
2018 Molly Campbell Western University
2018 Lora Vukecevic Western University
2018 Svea Soderlind Western University
2018 Lily Bernard Dalhousie University
2019 Cori Browne Centennial College
2019 Kevonte Anderson Georgian College
2019 Gabriel Charles-Rogers Seneca College

Toronto Lords Awards Winners

Year Toronto Lords Player of the Year John Ronson Commitment Award J. Rob Collins Leadership Award David Bronskill Academics and Athletics Lords Coach of the Year
1999 Estelle Yip     John McKinley
2000 Angie Knoebelreiter     Estelle Yip
2001 Melanie Gerin-Lajoie     John Ronson
2002 Melanie Gerin-Lajoie     Estelle Yip
2004 Mariko Nguyen     Nathan McGibbon
  Alice Tseng      
2005 Lisa Chu Isha Renner   Vikki Johnson-Lee
2006 Katy Tseng Aria Charles   Jody Poole
2007 Jordana Brathwaite Alicia Taylor   M. Gerin-Lajoie
2008 Tina Teng Nadeeya Musah Carli Yim Jeremy Cross
        Jenny Coles
2009 Rebecca Lee Emily Schimp Sophia Marin Claire Arrowsmith M. Gerin-Lajoie
2010 Cori Browne Rebecca Lee Jeylinh Bui Lucy O’Connor Heidi Pinter
2011 Rebecca Lee / Marissa Ross Amber Edwards / Vyvy Hoang Rebecca Lee Lucy O’Connor / Hannah Lawrence Jeremy Cross
2012 Jeylinh Bui / Jimmy Truong Tiffany Reynolds Rebecca Lee Lucy O’Connor Bob Clarke


Hall of Fame Players

 Estelle Yip
Years Player – 1995-1999, Coach 2000, 2002
History Estelle was one of the first players to join the Lords program back in 1995 when it began as a houseleague. She moved on to the rep program when it began the following year, and played 4 years with the Lords.  She was our first player honoured with Player of the Year in 1999. She returned to coach in 2000, winning a Bantam OBA championship, and again coached in 2002, while also playing Varsity Lacrosse at the University of Toronto.
Accomplishments 3 Time Team MVP, first player to win Player of the Year Honours – top 5 in career scoring and scoring average – averaged over 16 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists for her career – won OBA Provincial Bantam Championship as a coach in 2000
 Melanie Gerin-Lajoie
Years Player – 1997-2002, Coach 2005-present
History Melanie in many ways exemplified the aspects that have come to represent the prototypical Lords player – athleticism and a knowledge of the game combined with a superior work ethic and desire to improve.  She turned this desire into a constantly improving game, to the point where she was able to make the McGill Martlets team after only 3 years of organized basketball.  Melanie currently works for the Toronto Raptors and has returned to Lords as a Head Coach.
Accomplishments  -2 Time Player of the Year (2001, 2002) – top 5 in career scoring and rebounding – 2 time Team Captain (2001, 2002) – Career averages of over 13 ppg and 9 rpg
 Angie Knoebelreiter
Years Player – 1996-2002, Coach 2009-Present
History Angie played 5 years with the Lords, and during her time was one of the most dominant players to ever play for the team.  A consumate point guard, she led her team to several high OBA playoffs.  As well, she was one of the team captains on the Jarvis Bulldogs team that finished 4th in the province in AAAA OFSAA in 2002.
Accomplishments -Player of the Year, 2000 – 3 time team MVP – All-time leader in assists and steals, averages of over 14 points, 6 rebs and 4 assists for her career
 Alice Tseng
Years Player – 2000-2004
History Alice played four season with the Lords, graduating as a Toronto Lords Scholarship Winner in 2004 and also as co-Player of the Year that year.  During her high school career, she was a key member of a Jarvis team that participated in 3 OFSAA ‘AAAA’ tournaments before attending the University of Toronto.
Accomplishments Co-Player of the Year (2004) – Winner of two Toronto Lords Scholarships, as selected by the coaches (2003, 2004) – top 10 in both Games and Minutes played with the Toronto Lords – one of the toughest players to ever play
 Mariko Nguyen
Years Player – 2000-2004
History Mariko successfully capped a 4 year stint with the Toronto Lords ending in 2004 by being nominated as one of the Co-Players of the Year, and recieving a $1000 Toronto Lords Scholarship towards continuing her education at Ryerson University.  A tireless worker and skilled outside shooter, Mariko was also a member of three OFSAA ‘AAAA’ teams, including a fourth place finish in 2002, while at Jarvis Collegiate.
Accomplishments Co-Player of the Year and Winner of 2004 Scholarship – top 10 in Games Played – work ethic and practice preparation set positive model for the younger players
 Lisa Chu
Years Player – 1999-2005
History Lisa exemplified hard work, greatly improving as a player over her career. She helped lead Lords teams to many championship games, and was the team captain on the Jarvis 2004 City Championship squad.
Accomplishments – Player of the Year and Lords Scholarship winner in 2005, 2 time team MVP – top 10 in steals, points and games played
 Danielle Williams
Years Player – 1999-2005
History Danielle was a dominant force during her time with the Lords.  A 6’1″ small forward, her versatility was evident in her dominant performances on the court.  She currently is playing for the Ryerson Rams.
Accomplishments – Top 5 in games played, scoring and rebounding, Team MVP in Midget – Lords Scholarship winner, 2004
 Morgan Teeple-Hopkins
Years Player – 2000-2005
History Morgan teamed with Danielle for 4 years in a dominant frontcourt.  She was co-captain of both the Lords and several great Jarvis Bulldogs teams, leading the Jarvis team to a City Championship in 2004.
Accomplishments – 2 time team MVP, Lords Scholarship Winner 2004 – Top 5 in Rebounds, Career blocked shots leader

Hall of Fame Coaches

 John McKinley
Years Coach 1995-1999
Accomplishments Served as a valuable assistant coach and later head coach in the Toronto Lords formative years.  Without his help, the Lords program would probably not have existed.  Coached both Midget and Juvenile girls over that time, including several high finishes in the Provincial Championships.

Hall of Fame Builders

 John Ronson
Years Coach – 1999-2000, Co-Founder of Toronto Lords Advisory Committee 2001-present
Accomplishments John has served as a great help and co-founder of the Toronto Lords Advisory Committee.  He was the guiding force in establishing the Toronto Lords Scholarship program for our graduating players and is our premier fundraiser. Without John our program would not have the successes it has. In honour of John’s achievements, the Toronto Lords began the John Ronson Commitment to Excellence award in 2005.
 Nicole Frew
Years Founding Member of Toronto Lords Advisory Committee, 2001-2005
Accomplishments A founding member of our Advisory Committee, Nicole worked tirelessly in fundraising and helping out with the program, whether it be helping drive, working at tournaments, or establishing fundraisers.  Her presence will be missed at the meetings, and the Toronto Lords wish her luck in her future endeavours.
 J. Rob Collins
Years 2001-present
History Rob is one of the Toronto Lords greatest sponsors.  His generosity has led to the foundation of the J. Rob Collins Scholarship, an annual scholarship given to a Toronto Lords player who like Rob shows exemplary leadership and commitment to his community.

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